They say health is wealth, and food makes health no? So how many cafe’s can a girl visit in one week?

Isn’t it only fair that after being confined to the four walls of my apartment for what feels like weeks after getting struck down with something similar to The Plague, that upon feeling a bit better, I’ve been rewarding myself with a tour of Dubai’s best daytime eateries – some of them which I’ve been wanting to visit for months. Really, it’s just an excuse for me to leave home every day with the added bonus of eating (always a good way to kill some time). As if the eating didn’t kill enough time, I’ve shared below some of the healthiest and most Instagram worthy cafes that are amongst my most highly rated and favourite hang out spots in Dubai. Click on the name and you’ll be magically transported to their Instagram page, to see the evidence for yourself.

You’re welcome!

  • The Sum of Us – The second opening after Tom & Serg, Melbourne inspired duo ‘Bull & Too’ are the brains behind this place. Situated behind The Sheraton at Trade Centre, The Sum of Us is a sourdough eatery that bakes, as well as roasts their own brand of Arabica coffee beans in-house, in their own custom Micro Roastery.  You can view the menu here although, dont be surprised if when you get there, some of the items on the menu have changed – they like to do that. The food on the menu is reasonably priced by Dubai standards, and with lots of greenery and cute tiles, there’s definitely a few Instagramable opportunities. The Rise & Dawn Bakehouse will definitely tempt you afterwards, with baked good that are almost too pretty to eat. You can even buy yourself a hipster cactus to take home from the pop up plant stall, Volet. I did – and now I have a cactus named Prick Jagger; step brother to Pricky Martin, my other cactus.


  • Amongst Few Cafe –  Situated in the Palm Strip Mall, this place offers a creative space as well as an outdoor area. A firm contender in my cafe favourites, the breeze block and concrete finishes integrate the cafe with the Amongst Few lifestyle flagship store which is located opposite. Features include hanging prints by Japanese artist Takashi Murakami as well as a neon sign and displayed Nike Air Max. They have cacti on tables and even serve breakfast ’til 3pm. What more could you want!? Another place with an ever changing seasonal menu; you can expect a variety of fusion foods using organic ingredients. View their menu here. Oh, and definitely try their Coconut Chai Latte, if thats your kind of thing. It’s the best one I’ve had yet!


  • Boston Lane – My new favourite cafe in Dubai and the most aesthetically pleasing place I’ve been to in a while, despite being near impossible to find. (I am not going to lie to you, this place had me traipsing through the streets of Al Quoz in the high 30’s, with my iPhone dangerously close to overheating and shutting down Google Maps, but when you get there, it’s definitely worth it.) En-route, it was almost too tempting to give up and eat at the nearby Lime Tree Cafe instead, but thankfully, after much perseverance, we cut through the almost eerie Courtyard Playhouse, and stumbled across the entrance to Boston Lane. Pink walls and greenery everywhere, this cafe is the central belt that unites the small surrounding independent stores which you can browse through whilst you’re waiting on your order. Milkshakes, toasties and healthy foods on the menu, everything is served in no frills packaging, meaning no plates, and minimal mess. There’s such a laid back vibe, in true typical Aussie style – it was founded by Australian, Alexandra Davison after all. Just make sure you keep am ear out for when your name is called to collect your food or you might miss it.


  • Comptoir 102 –  The brainchild of Parisian, Emmanuelle Sawko, Comptoir 102 is a combined homewares-fashion-organic eatery in a bohemian setting. Situated on Beach Road, Jumeriah 1, you’ll easily spend longer than anticipated in this award winning concept store. There’s just such a vast array of beautiful things to look at! Describing itself as a sanctuary amongst Dubai’s many malls, it’s a breath of fresh air in a city where fresh air is not so readily available. After lunching here, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a completely different city. Frequently featured in magazines as a go-to place, they have won a multitude of awards. The small but none-the-less perfectly formed menu caters for a variety of diets including vegan, sugar and dairy free, as well as gluten free, with the aim of trying to nourish the body through good, nutritious food. Definitely a one stop shop for those looking for something unique. Just make sure you bring your credit card for the shopping afterwards.


  • Arrows & Sparrows – from the co-founders of Friends Avenue Cafe, this place is a casual eatery in yet another random setting. (I got dropped off in the middle of a carpark with Google falsely advising me, “You have arrived at your destination.”). Aptly named in accordance with it’s Friends Avenue Cafe roots and a fundamental value for friendship, this place aims to create a destination eatery where friends can come together to enjoy food in a relaxed environment. Despite it’s slightly out-of-the-way location (it is situated in Emaar Business Park, The Greens) their motto of ‘Good Food – Good Coffee – Good Vibes’, definitely delivers on it’s promise. With good healthy food that resembles a rainbow on a plate, and a breakfast menu that’s served until one for those who enjoy a long lie, you’ll definitely want to invite your friends, or at least share your food snaps with them. The menu caters for even the most awkward of diners, so you’ll even be able to take that awkward vegan friend of yours! Check out their menu here


These are just a few of my go to places in Dubai. Right now in Dubai, there are so many good places that definitely warrant a taste to check them out, including The Lime Tree Cafe, Common Grounds, Tom & Serg, Flow, The Surf Cafe and Life & One, just incase I didn’t list enough places for you (jokes). All of these places offer free wifi to their customers too, which is ideal for those who need somewhere to work or for those lonesome dinners trying to eat alone inconspicuously. And after so many suggestions, you now have no excuses to bail out and go to Starbucks.





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