1. the action of delaying or postponing something.
    “your first tip is to avoid procrastination”
Here is a comprehensive list of ways that I have put off revising today, for my impending annual aviation exams taking place on Tuesday, (writing this post too, is yet another method of my procrastination obviously).

  1. Watching an (emotional) episode of Queer Eye For A Straight Guy on Netflix.
  2. Having a gel manicure.
  3. Listening to three podcasts including:
    1. Carin Rockind
    2. Girls Gotta Eat
    3. Fearne Cotton
  4. Stalked instagram extensively to find a new place I want to go on holiday to.
  5. Perused LinkedIn for jobs that do not require annual aviation exams.
  6. Googled how to cook lentils, and the difference between Puy and green lentils.
  7. Voice noted my mother.
  8. Watched motivational ted talk videos on youtube.
  9. Scribbled down some blog ideas.
  10. Navigated google maps to show my flatmate not only my mums house, but my Granda’s house, our old holiday home and my old flat in Glasgow.
  11. Took some clothes to the dry cleaners and collected my work’s uniform.

I also consumed between the hours of 9am and 3pm the following beverages:

  • one cappuccino
  • one ginger and lemon tea
  • one hot chocolate
  • four cups of English breakfast tea

I also video’d Rhian launching (full slices of) bread to the birds from the open window of our apartment, with the aim to land them to land onto the unsuspecting sunbathers below. HILARIOUS!

And now, I am going to hoover the flat before going to the cinema. I have today, answered a grand total of six quizzes by means of revision, and done a couple of online pre-requisites. That’s enough for one day, surely!?

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