The airport wasn’t even five minutes behind me when I saw the monstrous billboard advertisement by Heineken. Holiday troubles are part of the tradition, enjoy them. Accurate, I told myself as we whizzed on past, weaving through the onslaught of mopeds and scooters. Mario Kart, but with more traffic. But this wasn’t a virtual reality. … Continue reading BALI KNOW ITS


“And how do you feel?” “Well, Doctor S said that when it kicked in, I’d know… That it would be like finding light in the dark… I am not really sure that I am seeing the whole light yet?” The doctor laughed from the bottom of his belly. “Listen, I wouldn’t quite word it as … Continue reading WHITE GIRLS ON VACATION


Packing is high up on the list of chores that I would 110% rather not do. It features much higher than hanging up washing, and just slightly lower than mopping the floor or putting clean sheets on a super king sized duvet (alone). But fear not, babies, for I am here to guide you through … Continue reading PAMELA PACKS.