According to the April edition of Cosmo, S/S 2017 is all about the power shirt. Which is great news for me, since I have just exiled myself to lonerville after purchasing one. This is one trend that none of my friends seem keen to buy into. In fact, I showed a picture of said shirt to my bff’s; describing it to them the way I often do with potential dates; ‘It looks much better in real life. That’s not really the best angle. You need to see it in real life.” Needless to say, neither of them was very convinced. In fact, one of them point blank described it as; “hideous” while the other politely explained that maybe it would look good with the “right pair of jeans… but definitely not with that skirt.”

I myself in the past have always tended to avoid shirts, * predominately because in the past I have always had extreme pixie haircuts which coupled with a shirt, made some people question my gender from the back, and also because I have always associated blouses and shirts with business women. No offence to businesswomen and workplace fashion, but my weekend is all about causal. However, all of my aforementioned reservations regarding shirts dissipated after a chance encounter in H&M, where I found The One; The One that I didn’t even know I was looking for.

Yes, people. I purchased a shirt. However, this is not just any shirt. This is a power shirt. It is (very current season may I add) shocking pink and probably the girliest thing that I own. Ruffles on the back; ruffles on the front; ruffles, ruffles, ruffles – and did I mention the puffball shoulders!? It’s literally an ironing nightmare. I didn’t even know shirts were on my radar until we crossed paths. And now, after showing my friends, I have been burdened with a dilemma. What are you actually supposed to wear with a power shirt? What is the right type of jeans? What is wrong with that skirt? How can I stop myself from looking like a Mr Kipling’s French Fancy? Suggestions on a postcard please!

I am going for dinner this evening, and right now I am thinking I’ll pair the shirt with some denim shorts and a statement belt. I’ll let you know how that actually works out. In my typical style, I’ll try it on with about 100 outfit combinations, decide I absolutely hate it, and chuck on a forever-faithful LBD that doesn’t need ironed.

Anyway, I’ve compiled a list of my top five ‘Power Shirts’ for all my girls right here; alongside the one I just bought. P.S. This list is not for the faint hearted; brace yourself.

  1. Cross Print Pyjama Shirt – Versatile, and ideal for the Tuesday’s, where after work drinks turn into a full blown event for ladies night. Available in sizes 4-16 from Topshop, and priced at AED130
  2. Vila Ruffle Prairie Shirt – Because you can never go wrong with a plain white cotton shirt. This is a good option for when you want to bring fashion into the formal, and cotton will keep you cool while the temperatures rise. Available in sizes XS-XL from ASOS, priced at AED143
  3. Pink Blouse Ruffled – (As pictured above – my One and Only). This season’s hot pink with oversized shoulders and all of the ruffles. Think of it as the hat-trick of Spring/Summer ’17 in shirt form. Available in sizes 6-18 from H&M and priced at AED229
  4. Frilled Blouse – For those who can’t commit to the buttoned shirt. Available in white or blue gingham from H&M, in sizes 6-18, priced at AED229
  5. Striped Ruffle Blouse – available in sizes XS-L from Mango. Pale blue and white stripes with the power shoulder going on! Included this because I am an absolute sucker for stripes. A bargain at AED159.

Hope you’re all brave enough to wear your power shirts, girls! I am away to iron mine now and hopefully I’ll find something that actually matches it, already hanging in my wardrobe. Check my instagram later to see if I ended up wearing it!





*FYI – for my American friends, when I am talking about shirts, I mean blouses and things that have collars and buttons – not t-shirts.

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